DORESSA is an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter, producer, and rising star hailing from Ottawa, Ontario. Soul stirring and filled with passion, her musical journey was shaped by the timeless melodies of Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, and Simply Red, courtesy of her father's eclectic taste. Her father is also responsible in encouraging her to play the piano and the guitar. These early influences ignited her artistic development, particularly in the realms of R&B, Jazz, and Neo-Soul, ultimately defining her distinctive musical identity. 

In May 2023, she boldly prioritized self-discovery, launching her independent label "She Alpha Records" and initiating her debut EP. Collaborating with acclaimed artists on their projects such as Jessie Simmons and City Fidelia, she has effortlessly showcased her versatility as a multifaceted talent, leaving an unforgettable mark both as a performer and a creative force behind the scenes. 

In the spotlight stands "Curtains," DORESSA's debut single, which serves as a testament to her artistry and a turning point for the year garnering the attention of major publications. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Jazmine Sullivan, India Arie, and Brandy, DORESSA's sound beautifully intertwines elements of traditional R&B and Neo-soul with a fresh, modern perspective. 

DORESSA's introspective and evocative lyrics delve into the depths of love, limerence, heartbreak, self-discovery, and empowerment, painting a vivid canvas of emotions. Her ability to infuse acoustic guitar into her production adds a layer of authenticity and organic warmth to her music, capturing the hearts of listeners with its genuine vulnerability. 

From NXNE 2023, Manifesto's Festival Week to Atlanta's A3C 4 R&B Music Showcase, she displayed her talents globally. Additionally, her second single, "FLOW," achieved major playlist placements across digital streaming services, all while remaining independent. The highly anticipated EP, "MAX I," released at the close of a year filled with achievements, including two Song of the Year nominations for “Curtains at the CRANIUM Recognize Awards 2023 and winning for “FLOW” at RNB Canada Music Awards, underscores her relentless dedication and rising influence. DORESSA embodies her motto "If she rises, She Alpha!"